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On Sat, 11 Feb 2012 18:33:28 +0530
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> On Saturday 11 February 2012 05:34 PM, Alexander Andjelkovic wrote:
> > These clipboard managers were all kind of heavy, and included
> > features we dont need.
> > 
> > Unless some dev has time to fork one of these managers, and strip
> > it down, maybe we should wait until 12.10? (To avoid bloat)
> > 
> +1 for waiting till 12.10.
> I personally don't use a clipboard manager, but I can see it's
> usefulness and I'll try out a couple of those whose names are
> mentioned here. But as for including it in 12.10, if the currently
> available ones are heavy on resources from Lubuntu standards and we
> don't have time to fork one, then waiting till 12.10 would be the best
> option.
> Also, if we choose to wait, it would be nice to mention in the FAQ, a
> recommendation of a clipboard manager and why users would need it. So
> if someone wants to know why he can't copy/paste between applications
> once they're closed then they can find it easily in the FAQ section.

We still need to test them to see if they are a viable solution or not.  A bit heavy and bloated isn't really a useful metric.  Even if one isn't offered by default we'll be able to recommend one to those people that require one.

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