Clipboard Manager - Time to report it :)

amjjawad HOOHAA amjjawad at
Mon Feb 6 12:26:57 UTC 2012

Hi Julien,

I was waiting for YOUR reply :D
You don't need to read the whole thing, you clearly understood what I want
and pointing to :) THANK YOU!

I do agree 100%. If we could do that without adding Parcellite or any other
clipboard manager than this is great. I'm not a developer as you all know
but I'm sure it's not that hard to achieve. I mentioned Parcellite because
I never used anything else but sure there are many out there.

This is just one of the issues that I wish we could fix/solve :)

Thank you!

To summarize the whole thing: Lubuntu needs to perform the most basic
simple tasks/functions that even smartphones can perform these days which
is copy and paste without the need to keep the "source" opened. Clipboard
manager or whatever you call it, that doesn't matter, what does matter is
Lubuntu needs a buffer (or whatever you call it) to protect/save/keep the
data you copy so you can paste it EVEN after closing the source where you
copied that from.

That's all :)

On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 1:22 PM, Julien Lavergne <gilir at> wrote:

> I didn't read all the mail yet (I'll have a small connectivity for the
> next days), but this is my opinion about it :
> - we don't need a full clipboard manager like parcelite, too heavy (even
> Ubuntu doesn't have such functionalities).
> - Ideally, it should be an extension of lxsession, to handle properly the
> copy/paste. It's the actual plan to fix this issue.
> - other solution need to have a really small memory footprint.
> Regards,
> Julien Lavergne
> Le 4 févr. 2012 à 22:32, amjjawad HOOHAA <amjjawad at> a écrit :
> Hi everyone,
> I should have done that long time ago but I forgot :)
> Thanks!
> P.S.
> I'm aware that it's "sudo-apt get install" step and all done but come on,
> it should be included by default IMHO :)
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> Best Regards,
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