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Sun Feb 5 20:31:38 UTC 2012

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> On 02/04/2012 03:08 PM, Yorvyk wrote:
> > As for guidelines. The simple answer is - is it needed. The point of a
> > this distro is to supply the basic functions for everyday use. Other
> > distros, such as Ubuntu Studio, are the same but more specialised. In
> > the case of Studio it is to supply a basic but functional music and/or
> > art studio. 
> so mtpaint is needed? games?
> i've never used pidgin (bitlbee or death!) and don't have a cam so
> gucview is out.
> i like your answer, but it is unfortunately not all that useful of a
> guideline :)
Your response to my answer highlights the problem with selecting apps for a distro.  The guidelines can't be too rigid as that would be too limiting, so they tend to end up rather vague to the point of non-existent.  I would be interested if any other distro has nay sort of guidelines publish some where that we may be able to use as a start.  At the moment the best we have, as far as I can tell, is that it must function in 128 MiB of RAM.
I think I'll add this to the agenda for the nest meeting.
For Precise Pangolin I think we should stick with what we've got so the few devs we have can get the transition from GTK2 to GTK3 sorted.
If somebody would like to start a wiki or something so people can suggest a suite of apps we could discuss this and take a vote for the release at the end of the year (Quixotic Quagga :)


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