Clipboard Manager - Time to report it :)

David Reimer djreimer at
Sun Feb 5 17:14:53 UTC 2012

Michael Rawson: "I was thinking more of a "silent" daemon..."

Gabriel Salles: "Is there a way of running xclipboard without a GUI?"

Alexander Andjelkovic: "...we don't need the other features, just the
buffer-protector as a daemon. But we should make sure something like
this doesn't exists already."

The xclipboard utility even has more features than required (which is:
preserve last "copy/cut" at system level) -- but is it the preferred
starting point for something native?

Wish I knew!

Thanks for the energy on this. Small, but significant, I think.

Best wishes,
David [djreimer | dajare]
David Reimer | Edinburgh, UK |

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