LXKeymap 0.7.99 - Call for help

Leszek Lesner leszek.lesner at web.de
Sun Feb 5 15:40:21 UTC 2012

Hi @all,

I finished implementing multiple keyboard layout support aswell as
advanced options modes for the keyboard layout configuration dialog in
The only thing that is still missing before a new deb can be released is
polishing the whole application and fixing some minor bugs.
As I am currently moving to a new appartement and also have a student
project that I need to finish I don't have much time to do this.
So it would be very nice if some capable python (pygtk) developer could
fix the lxkeymap code so that it can be used in the coming Lubuntu 12.04
(freeze is coming soon and I guess a multilayout capable keyboard
configuration tool would be nice for the new release).

I made a little screencast showing off the features and bugs of the
application in its current state: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXIMOsYG6h4

You can get the source code from here:

Help is appreciate.

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