Clipboard Manager - Time to report it :)

David Reimer djreimer at
Sun Feb 5 15:11:45 UTC 2012

On 5 February 2012 15:03, Alexander Andjelkovic <andjelkovic at> wrote:
> Again, what exactly is the desired function? Parcellite does a lot of things.

True. Desired function: provide system-wide clipboard, not dependent
on apps running.

> 2.7 Mb of memory sounds a bit too much if it's only purpose is to
> guard your clipboard contents when you close applications.

Alternative is to keep apps open, which is bound to take even more
memory. What if I have "Big-App" running, and I want to copy from it
to "Bigger-App"? I have to keep both open at the moment. On limited
memory, that's far worse. (I speak from experience!)

> Can it be solved in a better, even lighter way? Even if it would mean
> we'd have to program it ourselves?

I put this reference into the "bug report" (a.k.a. "opinion alert"):

Might also be worth comparing what our XFCE friends have done:

This has been a surprisingly energetic conversation! Everyone staying warm? ;)

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