Clipboard Manager - Time to report it :)

David Reimer djreimer at
Sun Feb 5 10:28:30 UTC 2012

On 5 February 2012 09:04, Jared Norris <jrnorris at> wrote:
> You've really got to understand that Lubuntu is designed to be a
> spartan operating system for older/slower computers . . .
> If you're looking for a system with all the bells and whistles you
> will be much happier with Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu. If you're looking
> for a usable, really lightweight system . . .

IMO (once again), having a clipboard that operates at the level of the
OS rather than the app (!!) is neither a bell nor a whistle. It's
cake, not icing. It's underpants, not tuxedo. Kids of seven use it,
and then keep using it their whole working lives.

> ... The first question that is always going to be
> asked is "does it make the system heavier, and if so by how much". To
> combat this each and every suggestion should have had testing to show
> that it doesn't add any RAM usage, has very little hdd footprint and
> requires little to no space on the install CD. ...

I'm no developer either, but this is *so* basic to working with
computers (ANY working with computers!) that I'm happy to do what I
can. Which is ... what? find some programs? report file size?
dependencies? mem usage? Tell me! :)

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