Clipboard Manager - Time to report it :)

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Sat Feb 4 23:08:14 UTC 2012

On Sat, 04 Feb 2012 14:22:38 -0800
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> I like a clipboard manager, but not sure everyone would. In that sense,
> I'd call this not a bug. I wish we had some guidelines for deciding
> whether or not some feature would be appropriate for inclusion into
> Lubuntu. Admittedly, a clipboard manager SHOULD be pretty lightweight
> (not necessarily), but still. I use clipit.
A clipboard manager was in Lubuntu at one time.  When we were looking at what we could get rid of nobody was using it, so out it went.  I think it's one of those things that a few people know about and use but not essential to a distro.

As for guidelines.  The simple answer is - is it needed.  The point of a this distro is to supply the basic functions for everyday use.  Other distros, such as Ubuntu Studio, are the same but more specialised.  In the case of Studio it is to supply a basic but functional music and/or art studio.

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