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Seems more fitting to post this here... no need to CC me as I am not
that interested in the topic (and already subscribed to the list). Maybe
include Buntfu Linux Computers <ronnie at buntfu.com> as CC though.

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Subject: an after thought to my previous post
Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2012 07:39:06 -0000
From: Buntfu Linux Computers <ronnie at buntfu.com>
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i looked over a couple of items that probably should be address in
addtion to the suggested software mentioned in my previous post

the clock should really be changed by default to the settings  %l:%M %p
so it displays the 12 hour clock with am or pm... its a minor annoyance
to have to change it.

also i forgot to mention that a cd ripper should also be included....
asunder is apparently a perfect fit.. extremely light simple straight
forward yet elegant... these types of programs being suggested must be
addressed because most people will be looking for tools to get what they
usually get done ,,, done,, now i believe its the responsibility of the
distro to provide the best suited apps for the enviroment in which its
in but also making sure its not just functional and feature rich but
also simplistically elegant and pleasing to the user.

Lets face it,,, more times than not Lubuntu will be used to rescue an
aging system from retirement... yet the people using it will still want
"nice" fully functional  for everyday needs with clean cut simple
programs.,,, and yes they do to a certain extent want it pleasing to the
eye, or sometimes to look the way they would expect it to look,,

as in the case of exaile music player i mentioned.   people coming from
itunes or songbird or something of the sort will expect the music player
to look a bit like exaile but also provide music player support and ipod

as a final note i would also add the xscreensaver-data-extra file to
provide the  rest of the 2D screen saver modules
from the xscreensaver collection.  simply because older machine will not
be able to run the 3d screensaver with ease in a lot of cases and i've
noticed most people still want screensavers... if they don't think they
have enough or that random doesn't diplay enough they will go looking
for some and probably install the wrong ones... this way you provide
really nice screensaver that they can run out of the box and they most
likely won't go lookin and install the wrong ones ,,, case in point
avoiding a bad experience from old machines choking on heavy

these are all just thoughts would luv some feedback

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