No sound on 12.10 installation on Acer Revo - how to get some?

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I have consistently (with Lubuntu) had problems where my machine has
more than one sound card, of it choosing the wrong one (the one the
amplifier isn't connected to).  

I have had cases where I indicate the one I really want using Pulseaudio
Volume control, and another time I boot, I discover it has selected the
other sound card as the main (fall-back) sound card.  I probably need to
edit the alsa-base config file to finally fix that annoying problem.  

I have been pleasantly surprised lately, that a lot of things work
equally well with JACK (qjackctl) running.  It used to be that with JACK
running, only the things that depended on JACK worked.  Those fixes seem
to have been made in 12.04 as well as 12.10.  

I still occasionally encounter situations with JACK which totally hang
my system, leaving me only the choice of turning the machine off, but
those are much more rare nowadays.  



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Subject: No sound on 12.10 installation on Acer Revo - how to get some?
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I am having trouble getting any sound output on an Acer Revo R3600.

I first tried after upgrading an Ubuntu Server installation to 12.10,
that produced nothing.

I have now done a completely fresh install of Lubuntu core and that is
just as silent.

Everything *appears* to work, e.g. if I run alsamixer on the command
line I get all the expected bits and can turn the gain up on 'master',
'phones' and 'speaker' but still I get nothing out.  

If I run the default rhythmbox it thinks everything is OK and 'plays'
but no sound comes from the speakers (I'm using the headphone output
driving an amplifier).  Jiggling the connections produces a crackle from
the speakers so they are connected and live.

Can anyone suggest what might be wrong?

Chris Green

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