[Lubuntu] Recommended online backup services (or those to avoid)?

Aere Greenway Aere at Dvorak-Keyboards.com
Sat Dec 29 19:41:49 UTC 2012

John, and all:

I have been regularly using Deja Dup, on all of the Ubuntu partitions
(different ubuntu flavors) I do development on, including lubuntu, which
is my primary system.  

I did have to explicitly search for it, and install it (it wasn't
installed by default).  

I haven't yet had any problems with it, and I have used it to restore my
files a few times.  It has worked well in that capacity, restoring not
only files, but configuration settings.  

My main negative about it, is that to restore an individual file to a
state it was in on a given date, requires you to restore your entire
directory structure to some similarly-sized area, then you can go there
and get the particular file, which will be as of the latest backup
(unless you somehow limit the backup files used to restore from).  

That is too much work to use it in that capacity.  

I still use (monthly) a package called "faubackup", which creates a
directory structure you can go into and get individual files (by date).
It also handles configuration (hidden) files.  

My negatives on faubackup, are that it seems to actually physically
compare each and every file before deciding if the file actually needs
to be saved or not, and thus uses up a lot of processor power while it
runs.  Also, it has disappeared from repositories, not being the most
popular (but not before I saved my own copy I could re-install).  

I use Ubuntu One regularly for important development stuff I wouldn't
want to have to re-create, but it is a pain to have to encrypt
everything before putting it in the directory.  It's negative, is that
upload internet speed tends to be significantly less than download
internet speed, so I only use it for really important stuff, and don't
save so much stuff that way.  Also, it may not let you know at what
point everything has been synchronized.  



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I see that none of these are installed by default in Quantal:
	Deja Dup
	Ubuntu One

In fact, a Synaptic search on "backup" doesn't show that any backup 
package is installed.

A little searching indicates that there have been problems installing or 
using Deja Dup + Ubuntu One on Lubuntu, though there are not a great 
many results.

Have any of you had good (or bad) experiences with 
installing/using/restoring from various online backup services?

(And I'm specifically interested in backup-oriented services, though 
I'll broaden the question to include sync services.)

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