A mounted usb card reader with falsh card shows up three times in file manager

John Hupp lubuntu at prpcompany.com
Fri Dec 28 16:54:47 UTC 2012

I don't know a solution or if there is a bug report filed, but a similar 
behavior here: When I plug in my camera, its memory file system shows up 
once in the file manager if the file system is unmounted, and a second 
time if I mount the file system.

Another bit of undesirable behavior: When I unmount a USB flash drive, 
the file manager closes altogether.

Pcmanfm (the file manager) may not be the only player in these sorts of 
behaviors.  Pcmanfm relies on udisks, which has had some difficulties 
with certain removable media (although the udisks2 in Lubuntu 12.10 is 
better than the udisks1 in 12.04).

On 12/27/2012 4:48 PM, Lee Gold wrote:
> Hi,
> Using Lubuntu 12.04. When I plug in a compact flash card from my digital
> camera (which itself is plugged into a usb card reader because my laptop
> does not have a slot that format) the file manager shows three identical
> instances of that. But only one card is plugged in. Does anyone know the
> fix? Is it a known bug? Thanks

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