How can I get a Notification tray icon when using Thunderbird

Sandor Ortegon sandortegon at
Fri Dec 21 01:46:49 UTC 2012


I am experiencing the following situation: I use Thunderbird rather than 
Sylpheed (for lots of reasons not worth mentioning here), but one thing 
I miss in Lubuntu is the possibility of having a notification tray icon. 
In Windows, for example, when you have unread messages, a notification 
(with a mail icon) appears in the system tray.  However, in Lubuntu I 
have not seen such an option. Other Ubuntu-based distros like Linux Mint 
have a tray icon which shows a list of system notifications; this is 
missing in Lubuntu.

I tried to have a tray icon in Lubuntu (at least for Thunderbird) by 
installing a Thunderbird addon called "Firetray", which works with some 
extra options (like showing in the tray icon the number of unread 
messages) ... however, this extension makes Thunderbird much slower (and 
it takes several seconds to close the program).

Is there another option to see a tray icon notification for unread 
messages in Thunderbird, by installing some program or using some hidden 
lxpanel functionality? Thanks for your attention

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