Hide System Menu Bar in Firefox (Lubuntu)

Pascual Lucero pascualucero at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 21:31:04 UTC 2012


My question is the following. As the following album shows:


In Lubuntu, it is possible to hide the system bar on top when using
Chrome/Chromium and Opera (in Opera, the default theme doesn't allow to do
that, but I installed one of the Opera Themes in the official page and they
allow to hide the system bar). However, in Firefox this is not possible.
Three years ago, when I was using Ubuntu 9.10, I needed to use compiz to do
that, but actually it wasn't a satisfactory solution, because there was an
option to hide the menu bar, but the new window didn't have the close,
minimize and maximize buttons. In other words, at that time I couldn't
found a solution.

And of course, the option of hiding the menu bar for all programs is not
satisfactory either, for the same reason (being able to see the buttons).

Is there a workaround that might work specifically for Firefox, like the
ones in Opera and Chrome? In Opera, this was not possible until the recent
Opera 12, perhaps in Firefox there have been some progress in this area.

Thanks for your attention
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