[Lubuntu] Some PC's or LTSP clients stall during boot at a blank, black screen

Ioannis Vranos ioannis.vranos at gmail.com
Sat Dec 8 02:10:37 UTC 2012

Try each of the following:

1. Erase /etc/X11/xorg.conf, and reboot.

If the above does not work,

2. Install linux-firmware-nonfree package, and reboot.

If the above does not work,

3. Uninstall all the video driver packages you do not need, leave only
the one(s) that you need, and reboot.

On Sat, Dec 8, 2012 at 12:53 AM, John Hupp <lubuntu at prpcompany.com> wrote:
> An expanded list of what works and doesn't work for me (not double-tested,
> and where not specified I'm listing chips rather than card mfr/model):
> Worked:
> - PCI Matrox Millennium II MGA 2164W (PCI card)
> - Intel 82810E (integrated)
> - An ATI-based AGP card sold as a MIC E-G012-02-1214(B)
> - ATI Rage 128 Pro (AGP card)
> - ATI Rage 128 (AGP card)
> - HP VectaVL PC w/ integrated video, probably either:
>         Matrox G250 2X AGP
>         Matrox Millennium G400 4X AGP
> Partially Worked (got past the blank, black screen but then failed somehow):
> - Diamond STL III S540 XTRM32M 82 (AGP card)
> - Diamond Spdstr A50 with SiS 6326AGP chip (AGP card)
> Failed:
> - Trident 3DImage 9850 (AGP card)
> - S3 Trio64V+ (PCI card)
> - Diamond Viper with Power Weitek 9000/9001 and Oak Technology T9351 chips
> (PCI card)
> - ATI Mach64 (PCI card)
> - eMachines eTower 500i w/ integrated video, probably:
>         ATI Rage Pro Turbo 2X AGP

Ioannis Vranos


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