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Sat Dec 1 18:56:55 UTC 2012

I installed it on Raring, very interesting ! Don't you think that we could merge this application with desktop preferences in the future ?
I saw a suggestion in Launchpad that proposes to give the possibility to activate a composite manager (compton). I like this idea. What do you think about it ? And more generally, what do you think about integrate by default a composite manager in Lubuntu in the future (even disabled by default) ?

Pierre GOBIN


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As announced during UDS, I set up an new application to gather little
tweaks for Lubuntu in a graphical way.

For now, you can only reset configuration files to the default, and
create icons on the desktop (such as computer, or a trash).

The application is available on this PPA :

If you have others ideas of tweaks, please fill a bug on But please note that one of
the requirement is not to use sudo/su.

Translation can be done on (but strings
will most likely changed, so no need to speed on this).

It's still in an early stage of development, and quite incomplete, so
don't be surprised :-)

Julien Lavergne

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