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Pascual Lucero pascualucero at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 14:08:21 UTC 2012


I wrote yesterday to the list criticizing the choice of making square
application icons like Cinnamon (a feature I think it is not worth
imitating), particularly the new awful Chromium square icon (it looks like
an eye trapped in a square). An particularly the fact that this tries to
solve "a problem" that actually doesn't exists. I am not the only one who
think these square application icons are awful and this is inconsistent
with the way developers create their icons.

I apologize if I said in a previous email that this is a "waste of time".
What I meant, is that the Lubuntu Artwork team is doing a lot of work and
changing the icon theme and all application buttons is very demanding, so
they don't need to spend more time in creating a "square world" that no one
is asking. I think this mailing list can be a good place to ask people if
they really need square application icons "like Linux Mint Cinnamon" or
not. I bet NO ONE in this list would say "yes, I need square application
icon, I hate circles".

Do we really think that the square icons like this :

- (look at the taskbar):

- (look at the Chrome icons)

- (look at the Chromium icon)

is what we need?

I think leave icons as we have now is fine and a Win-Win situation: Users
can have the same icons developers choose for their programs, Lubuntu team
has less work to do and everyone i happy.

Thanks for your attention.
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