My one wish for 12.10 - improve copy/highlight

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at
Sun Apr 29 06:45:43 UTC 2012


On 04/28/2012 04:44 AM, Lance wrote:

> ...

> Anyway it's a very long command. Using Ubuntu I can just
> double-click and then select copy, but with Lubuntu I must position
> the cursor at the beginning of the command and be sure to "drag" all
> the way to the right before selecting "copy".

Maybe I am missing something, but in both Ubuntu and Lubuntu, for me,
triple-click Ctrl-C selects and then copies the command.  Triple-click,
click on Edit, click on Copy (in Firefox; in Chromium, that becomes
triple-click, click on the wrench, click on Copy) also works for me.

Alternatively, I can also click somewhere above the box containing the
command, to the right of "Code:" and then drag down a short distance to
below the box enclosing the code, but above the "Things of particular
note are:" text.  The entire command is highlighted.  No great precision
of mouse pointing is needed for this, and there is definitely no need to
drag all the way to the right end of the long shell command. Drag down a
little, instead of right a lot.

Are these two approaches both inadequate for your needs?  If so, can you
please explain why?


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