How to contribute to the development of Lubuntu

Julien Lavergne gilir at
Sat Apr 28 10:25:13 UTC 2012


With 12.04 out, we need to prepare the development of 12.10. This mail
is a try to summarize what you can do for the development of Lubuntu. To
stay focus, and to keep only my dev hat here, it doesn't include the
help you can give about the documentation, or the support (forum, IRC
...), or the design / artwork. I let people make another thread about
these topics if they want.

There are 2 places where we will organize the work on the next version :
* The blueprint, which will be discussed at the UDS :
You can edit the whiteboard to discuss different topics, I'll clean it
regularly to keep it usable.
If you want to discuss the applications by default, please start a topic
on the mailing list, but at least, with some arguments. Final decision
for each applications should be make in the UDS session.

* The TODO page (
It's a list of items, or projets, or bugs we have on our radar. There is
some ideas for people who want to contribute, including little bugs
(when we have some), which should be easy to fix (bitesize) and a good
starting point for people willing to help in the coding.

Also, this is a list of different areas you can help to improve the
quality of Lubuntu :

* Translations :
If you speak / write English and another language, you can help on
translation. See

* Reporting bugs :
If you find a problem in Lubuntu, you can report a bug. See and especially the general
notice of this page. Please also check first if the bug is not already
reported on launchpad.

* Testing :
If you like testing and crashing your system, you can contribute by
testing Lubuntu, especially on testing ISOs before the releases. See for details.

* Triage bugs on Launchpad
If you want to go deeper in the bug management, you can triage the bug
reports on launchpad. See for
an overview of the triaging on Ubuntu.

The packages we currently focus on are on

One easy way to get involve is to adopt a specific package, see detail
on .

Most important items to know when you triage are :
- Is the bug is correctly affected to the right package ?
- Is the bug still reproducible by user in Lubuntu or Ubuntu 12.04 ? By
you ?
- Is there a solution/patch available on the bug ? Upstream ? In another
distribution ?

* Upstream development / coding :
Of course, we always need people who create code :-) The best way to
help is to contribute directly to LXDE project, since we heavily depend
on it :
- LXDE site :
- LXDE mailing list :
- LXDE git repositories :

You can also contribute to specific Lubuntu components :

* Lubuntu small projects
If you want to make a more long term contributions in Lubuntu itself, we
have some small projects available on the TODO list :
I'll add more details and guidance in the future, but if you are
interesting, send me a mail, I'll help you to start.

If you have any questions, please refer to the
(if it's incorrect, we will fix it), or answer this email.

Thanks in advance for your help :-)

Julien Lavergne

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