Lubuntu 12.04 - Feedback/Users' Satisfaction

Ali Linx (amjjawad) amjjawad at
Fri Apr 27 13:13:23 UTC 2012


I do believe that one of the most important keys for success is listening
to users and their feedback. I'm a firm believer in this.
We can make it complicated and we can make it short and since we are
Lubunters then let's do this the short and easy way (KISS).

What do you suggest in order to do this better?

1- A Poll?
2- A Forum Thread?
3- Using the Mailing List?
4- Other?

IMHO, the easiest and the best is a Poll. Short and Simple.
A thread is not a bad idea but I do know people will never listen and
instead of sharing their feedback, they will start ask Qs, etc.
Using the mailing list may flood it with tons of Emails so not sure how bad
or good that will be?

Your suggestions and thoughts are most welcome :)


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