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Corbin Davenport corbin.d at
Mon Apr 23 04:40:36 UTC 2012

First, thank you. :) Second, I probably shouldn't have used the word 
steal since this is open-source we are talking about. The clock is 
fairly basic code, so a basic JavaScript and CSS guy could make it in an 
instant (I'm open :P). I completely understand what you meant with the 
names, and I didn't put my name in the code as I assumed that since the 
widget is hosted on my site that there wouldn't be an issue.

Thanks for the quick reply!

On 04/22/2012 10:24 PM, Mario Behling wrote:
> Hi Corbin,
> thank you for informing us. As you are taking copyright very
> seriously, I took down the clock.
> The code and the embed function from Dropbox for the clock was posted
> on one of the mailing lists and some blogs. At the moment I cannot
> verify, what you write is correct. As this kind of clock feature has
> been around for long, I think we can create the code ourselves for the
> next release.
> Unfortunately, it is just not feasible to put a name below any item of
> a website, that comes from a different person. Imagine we do that with
> every line of code on the Drupal website itself or in the lubuntu
> distribution itself. Developers add copyright info and name usually
> into the code.
> Generally, if you are interested to collaborate in the free software
> community, I would be more careful about choosing your words: Accusing
> people from the community as stealing is quite something.
> Thank you,
> Mario
> On Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 4:23 AM, Corbin Davenport
> <corbin.d at>  wrote:
>> I hope this is the right email :)
>> I was going to go download Lubuntu for my netbook when I saw the Lubuntu 12.04 countdown on the home page. Looking at the code I can see that a site administrator modified my Ubuntu countdown clock I submitted for the 12.04 LTS contest, uploaded it to Dropbox, and embeded it on the Lubuntu site. They even kept the Analytics.
>> I love Lubuntu and LXDE and all, but it is just plain stealing if they don't put credit. I am kindly asking Lubuntu's site admins to either put credit to me at the bottom of the clock, or remove it. If the site developers wished for a Lubuntu-themed countdown clock, they could have contacted me with the email next to my entry. Reply if you need any more information of any kind.
>> --

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