Making the wiki into a one-stop support resource!

Karl Anliot kanliot at
Thu Apr 19 00:43:22 UTC 2012

I'm looking at our wiki homepage
: and I think it's too small.
 If it was big enough, we wouldn't need the LOST thread on the wiki.
Most of the information on the LOST thread is simple stuff.  Newbie
stuff.  But Moving this information to the wiki, would make it easier
to keep it up to date, make it easier for users to find things.  (they
wouldn't have to search the wiki, give up, and then search the LOST

I hope that the people who wrote the existing Lubuntu wiki will
understand my intention.  But the wiki homepage must be expanded and

Look at other moin moin wikis:
and  Both pages allow users to
navigate to the pages they need to support themselves.

So once the Lubuntu wiki homepage is expanded, we won't need the LOST thread.
This is a major change, especially for the support people who use
LOST, so everyone needs to 'be on board'

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