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Phill Whiteside PhillW at
Wed Apr 18 17:05:18 UTC 2012


In colour, and in clam shells ( ) I can order
batches of 50 X 64Bit & 50 X 32Bit at the cost of 63.00 GBP / CD & clam
shell which are more suited for posting.

So, that makes the about 1.26 GBP / 2.00 USD each. To that you need to add
postage to have them delivered. If there are enough people interested, I'll
ask Raphael to tweak the art-work so we know which is 32Bit & which is
64Bit, else I'm going to get really confused!

For the PowerPC guys, if you think there are enough people to pay 1.23 GBP
/  2.00 USD & postage - then I can get a run of 50 done for you. Ubuntu are
only issuing Ubuntu & Ubuntu Server as freebies, the rest of us have to
source our own.

Black on white printing is 0.98 GBP / 1.57 USD each, to be honest... I'd
rather the little extra for colour.

Oh, and for those who have not seen the lubuntu CD artwork? The clam shells
will not have the sleeve, as the cases allow you to see the CD-Artwork
through it and the additional costs of the sleeves & then trying to ship
such a brittle jewel case to you would make the postage prohibitive.

Your thoughts,



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