[lubuntu-devel] Working on the LibreOffice localization bug, you guys got any ideas?

Aaron Rainbolt arraybolt3 at gmail.com
Thu May 5 14:04:19 UTC 2022

Hey all.

I've been working on the LibreOffice localization bug for the last few
days, and I wanted to tell everyone my results so far to see if anyone has
some ideas on what might be going wrong.

So far, I've discovered that the "try_install" section of
/etc/calamares/modules/packages.conf isn't working - none of the packages
listed in that section are being installed. Ubuntu Studio 22.04 appears to
have the exact same problem as Lubuntu 22.04, however Debian 11 LXDE does
*not* have this problem - adding a "try_install" section to Debian's
packages.conf file successfully installs a package. (I tested by having it
install "emacs".)

I also tested KaOS, but it didn't have a packages.conf file at all
initially, and adding one did absolutely nothing, despite the fact that I
used "install" instead of "try_install". Installer didn't crash, package
wasn't installed.

In Lubuntu 22,04, if I change "try_install" to "install", the installer
crashes with an apt-get error that appears to suggest that the apt database
was never updated, despite the fact that the packages.conf file is set to
update the apt database.

Since this feature is working in Debian but not working in Lubuntu, I'm not
sure if it's a bug in Calamares, since it seems like this would be a pretty
serious regression, and seems like it would have been caught if this was
the case. However, I'm also pretty much out of ideas when it comes to where
else to fiddle with the config files, and I don't know enough to make my
own custom distro just to test Calamares (though if that was the next step
in testing, I could probably figure it out).

You guys got any thoughts, ideas, etc?

(Also, whenever you guys get the opportunity, I'd love a Phabricator
account. 🙂)
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