[lubuntu-devel] Policy RFC - content of Backports repository

Thomas Ward teward at thomas-ward.net
Thu Jul 21 02:43:02 UTC 2022

heads up for anyone using gmail: stop using GMail they block 
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On 7/20/22 22:41, Aaron Rainbolt wrote:
> Heads up for anyone using Gmail - for some reason Thomas's reply went
> to Spam for me, not sure if that's happening for others, but obviously
> it's not spam, so everyone check your Spam folder.
> On Wed, Jul 20, 2022 at 8:52 PM Simon Quigley <simon at tsimonq2.net> wrote:
>> Dear Lubuntu Team,
>> I'm looking for some opinions on what exactly backports should contain
>> long-term. I believe we should only provide support for the LTS release,
>> but should we update any KDE Frameworks or Qt libraries to fix some more
>> general bugs? I'm not in favor of fully providing e.g. KDE Gear or
>> Plasma, but we could probably grab the Frameworks builds from Kubuntu
>> Backports.
>> Thoughts?
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