[lubuntu-devel] Lubuntu 22.10 Feature Freeze Approaching

Simon Quigley simon at tsimonq2.net
Thu Jul 14 19:08:46 UTC 2022

Dear Lubuntu Developers and Testers,

This cycle, thus far, has been outstanding. Thanks to the help of a 
fairly new addition to the team, Aaron Rainbolt, and some work of my own 
(and others), we have made monumental strides in keeping Lubuntu current.

LXQt 1.1 is now shipped as the default desktop environment. If you 
notice any issues, please do let us know. We are currently in the 
process of upstreaming this work to Debian, and syncing as we go along. 
We're waiting on the Debian FTP Team to process the last binary package 
rename, which is blocking things like the panel and runner, but after 
that's done, we'll be set to ask for a transition slot.

Calamares 3.3 Alpha 1 is being shipped as default. I will admit, this is 
a bit of a risk. We still have some pending issues with theming and 
such, and not quite all of the kinks have been worked out yet, but I'm 
confident in our QA team and their thorough processes. We plan on 
getting the showstoppers ironed out before release and *not* reverting.

Just a friendly reminder that Feature Freeze is coming up on August 
25th. You'll hear from me one more time about a week before if there are 
still pending features we are looking to get in. That being said, if you 
want your new shiny to land in this release of Lubuntu, please make sure 
to get your changes in before that date.

As always, please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any 
questions. And please, test!

Simon Quigley
simon at tsimonq2.net
tsimonq2 on LiberaChat and OFTC
@tsimonq2:linuxdelta.com on Matrix
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