[lubuntu-devel] Lubuntu 22.10 Feature Freeze Fast Approaching: What It Means and How To Help

Simon Quigley simon at tsimonq2.net
Tue Aug 23 16:30:06 UTC 2022

Dearest Lubuntu contributors and users,

During every release cycle, we hit a milestone titled Feature Freeze, 
where developers in the Ubuntu and Lubuntu projects are no longer 
permitted to upload new versions of software without an exception, in 
order to dedicate the remainder of the cycle to improving stability.

The Feature Freeze date for Lubuntu is Thursday, August 25th, 2022. I 
will be around to process any final uploads from 3 PM to 6 PM US Central 
Time on that date, after which I will declare Lubuntu to be in Feature 
Freeze. If you're aware of any new features that would be beneficial to 
include for users, please ping me in our development channel on 
Matrix(/IRC/Telegram)[1] and I will address those requests first come, 
first serve.

On my personal wishlist is the LXQt menu overhaul, yet another update to 
Calamares, and further evaluation of the upstream LXQt code to ensure 
there isn't a bugfix or feature we can cherry-pick. Unfortunately, after 
speaking with LXQt upstream, they do not plan on releasing 1.2 until 
shortly after the release of Lubuntu 22.10, and backports for non-LTS 
releases are still up in the air. This weekend I will prepare a 
QA-related document outlining every single commit we have cherry-picked, 
why, and what users should expect to be different when reporting bugs to 
upstream. My goal is to have this done in a thorough enough manner that 
upstream LXQt will have little complaints. I have blocked off 1 PM to 6 
PM on Saturday, tentatively, to do that.

You may be asking, how can I help? By testing[1], of course :) with 
features no longer free-flowing into 22.10, this is the time to test 
every "nook and cranny" of the operating system. What doesn't work for 
you? Is there anything we can do better without vastly expanding the 
scope of our mission?

If you have any questions, please do let me know. I will note publicly 
at this point that the Lubuntu Council has granted me some of my former 
permissions before my hiatus, including Release Manager capacity. I'm 
glad to be back, and I hope to serve the Lubuntu project well once again.


[1] https://lubuntu.me/links

Simon Quigley
simon at tsimonq2.net
tsimonq2 on LiberaChat and OFTC
@tsimonq2:linuxdelta.com on Matrix
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