[lubuntu-devel] Can't seem to find the name for 22.10??

Thomas Ward teward at ubuntu.com
Sun Apr 24 18:37:41 UTC 2022

Can you open up the thing and open dev tools in your browser and show me 
a screenshot of any errors in the Console for Discourse when you open it 
and send that to me offlist?  I'm the admin for the DIscourse site so 
I'll try and help you offlist with getting you access to Discourse if 
it's a Firefox problem.

The name for 22.10 hasn't been chosen yet or announced, that codename 
choice will be announced by the Ubuntu team later (the codename 
selection is done by Ubuntu).

The next development release won't open for a bit, it takes about a week 
or so before they start loading up the toolchains, etc. and prepping the 
next development release.

On 4/24/22 14:32, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
> Seems like when I'm booted in Jammy the Lubuntu Discourse forum won't 
> load.  I've searched google to try to find the name of the next 
> iteration of lubuntu 22.10, but nothing seems to be available or showing.
> I posted to the ubuntu forum on how to edit the sources.list and got a 
> reply to use "devel" but I'd like it to be the name of the distro, 
> i.e. something with a "k"??
> I asked several months back and apparently there was no name selected, 
> there must be a newer testing version now that Jammy is released??  
> What would that be???
> F

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