[lubuntu-devel] Lu 20.10 running 5.4 kernel . . . still???

Dan Simmons kc2bez at lubuntu.me
Thu Dec 31 19:19:03 UTC 2020

On 12/31/20 1:57 PM, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
> @wxl:
> Top posting:  I do have an Nvidia card in the MPro, but I'm using
> nouveau in most of my distros, because nvidia isn't really supporting
> this older card anymore, so no point in being "current" . . . nouveau is
> running the show just fine now, as far as reviving from suspend and so
> forth.
> Ran yr command apt list --upgradable:  [CODE] nothing to do.  uname -r
> 5.4.0-42 [/CODE]
> Just had an issue where I copied the data from the terminal, but then
> nothing pasted into this email, but otherwise just the overall
> "slowness" continues.  : - ))
> As far as staying in one venue, I'm comfortable with email and
> list-serve . . . I believe this thread was started here, and then it was
> only because guiverc asked a follow-up question on one of my older posts
> there, that I answered on Discourse, thinking it was about "the
> slowness" . . . but I think that thread was on "failure to revive from
> suspend" . . . had a few complaints, so I just rattled on about the
> "slowness" and then one of the other gents kind of bled the threads
> across from this one to there . . . .
> F

You have a very perplexing situation and curiosity is getting the best
of me on this one. I have another command for you to try so that we can
know what kernels are actually installed vs. which one is running. If
you could give us the output of `dpkg --list | grep linux-image` it
might shed a little more insight.


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