[lubuntu-devel] i386 in danger of disappearing

Walter Lapchynski wxl at ubuntu.com
Thu Sep 27 16:04:48 UTC 2018

The Ubuntu Release Team has a policy that the images released for Beta
are the images released in Final. No more, no less. We also have a
general policy that if ISO tests are not completed for an image, it
can't be released. At this point, we have zero tests for i386. At that
point, it runs the risk of not being released in Beta and thus in Final.
Since most Ubuntu flavors have dropped i386, the likelihood of it ever
reappearing is virtually none. That said, if you have any interest in
i386 versions of Lubuntu, especially those with LXQt, now is the time to
act. Today is the due date for Beta images, so there's really not a lot
of extra time, either.

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