[lubuntu-devel] Leaving the projet

Julien Lavergne gilir at ubuntu.com
Wed May 23 06:36:23 UTC 2018


I just want to inform people, especially the ones, like me, who are here
for a long time, that I am leaving the Lubuntu project.

This was amazing adventure, started nearly 10 years ago, from getting LXDE
to Ubuntu repositories, to the switch to LXQt which will happen this cycle.
So much happened since the beginning. So much work, days and nights. So
much stress, twice a year, having nightmares with this release schedule. So
much social interactions, during UDS, during ubuntu parties, conferences,
with joy but also conflicts. And so much proud when finally Lubuntu was
accepted as an officially flavour, after years of lobbying. The happy
consequence was also that the process to add new flavours was official, we
worked hard also for the futures new flavours :-)

Creating Lubuntu was not creating another Ubuntu distribution with another
graphical environment. It was the project to create an OS to make hardware
leave as long as possible, stopping this cycle to replace a computer after
each upgrade of the system. And I think we achieved it, based on the lot of
good feedbacks I had during the past years.

But today, the world has changed. Smartphones changed the way we use IT,
computers, Internet ... Lubuntu project also changed, with new people, new
tools ... a whole new world :-) with the switch to LXQt, and the different
goals people inside the project have now for this distribution, I feel it
is time for me to let the project live without me : keeping the good
memories and start something else :-)

Finally, I just want to thank everyone involving in this project, from ISO
testers to bug reporters. From people who wrote good words on blog, or
making nice videos on Lubuntu. From people who translate the software, to
people who help other to make this system working for them. From people who
do amazing stuff like draw icons, wallpapers, or patching and creating
piece of code.

Julien Lavergne

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