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Hi Simon,

On 27 July 2018 at 19:49, Simon Quigley <tsimonq2 at lubuntu.me> wrote:

> https://lubuntu.me/taking-a-new-direction/

I was particularly interested in the clause:
"Lubuntu will create and maintain complete documentation which will be
included by default in the operating system, and can guide anyone from
beginner to expert on how to use Lubuntu to its full potential and
contribute to the further development of it."

I've been running a computer refurbishment scheme for over 10 years now,
and lubuntu has been a big part of that. I take in old computers, refurbish
them and they are given away to people with mental health problems or their
families. Initially I taught people how to use things on a 1:1 basis. Then
I created an illustrated guide to using lubuntu - 7 pages crucial, the
other 7 pages in case they are needed. It gets provided as both paper and
PDF copies.

So, when a refurbished computer is passed on, I put on the Desktop 1) a
folder of the PDFs available from the LibreOffice site 2) GIMP user guide
from the GIMP website and 3) a PDF of my illustrated guide/

There are some other works out there than might be worth considering for

And the GNU manuals can be found online here:-

I am in the process of learning Python, with the hope of writing useful

Just thought I'd inform the mailing list as well.
Thank you.

Please do spread the word :)
Done :)



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