[lubuntu-devel] Lubuntu Next Default Applications

Alf Gaida agaida at siduction.org
Thu Jul 6 15:25:02 UTC 2017

>  * Network management stack: https://is.gd/bKdlIp
>    - dhcpcd-ui has a Qt port we can use.
>    - The upside to that is we would have the same underlying stack as
>      stock Lubuntu.
dhcocd-ui is dead in the water and Qt4 - no commit since 2014. So it must be
fixed for usage with Qt5 - Qt4 and Qt5 mixed is uncool - and not exactly

>  * Web browser: https://is.gd/niZhiV
>    - Qupzilla is the best option at this time.
>    - We won't open this up for discussion because it could turn into an
>      endless flame war, and Qupzilla is good for what we need it to do.
>      Ultimately, people can install whatever web browser they wish.
qupzilla deoend on QtWebengine - which is basically a outdated chromium.
Security support?
>    - Audacious has a Qt port that we can eventually get packaged.
Audacious is packed in debian with qt support - but one can consider both
functionality and packaging for Qt only at least beta.
>  * Printer management: https://is.gd/tOtPFp
>    - There are no options here and I don't know what to pick.
best bet is system-config-printer - but it is GTK, no Qt port, unless
one port
the KDE KCM Module
>  * Scan application: https://is.gd/AbuRo8
>    - There are no options here and I don't know what to pick.
>  * Text editor: https://is.gd/lKv3BB
>    - Is there any progress on porting Juffed to Qt 5? I really don't
>      think we should have anything Qt 4-based on the ISO.
Juffed is Qt5
>  * Email client: https://is.gd/VEsAoy
>    - It looks like Trojitá needs to be packaged, although that's pretty
>      easy to do. Is everyone OK with it?
There is a reason why Trojita is not in debian yet. Unstable and can only
send not encrypted mails - receiving encrypted mails works fine with
latest git
>  * Task manager: https://is.gd/IT5HwT
>    - qps seems like a decent task manager, although I'd like to make
>      sure there's no better alternative.
>    - I personally really like htop, although that doesn't have a GUI.
qps is right now the only available choice in Qt 5

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