[lubuntu-devel] Fwd: Critical bugs regarding session locking, user switching, and guest accounts (Ubuntu, Xubuntu)

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Sat Sep 24 14:22:55 UTC 2016

Here's something to look out for.

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Date: Sep 24, 2016 06:50
Subject: Critical bugs regarding session locking, user switching, and guest
accounts (Ubuntu, Xubuntu)
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Hello everyone,

We came across a critical (release-blocking) bug in Xubuntu with locking,
user switching, and guest account.  After completing a more in-depth
analysis, we found similar and related critical bugs also affecting Ubuntu.

It seems that switching between two normal users (not guest) seems to be
successful in both Ubuntu and Xubuntu (the latter when using
gnome-screensaver instead of light-locker).

Ubuntu: Guest login crashes

Xubuntu: Guest session fails to logout

This investigation originally started from the below bug, where we found
that a session locked with light-locker/lightdm fails to resume.

Xubuntu: Fails to unlock/ resumes to black screen

We're opening the dialog here so that we might be able to get several eyes
on it.  These issues may negatively impact the other flavors in unique and
related circumstances as well.  From what we can tell, Ubuntu MATE does not
seem to be affected.


Sean Davis (bluesabre)
Xubuntu Council, Xubuntu Technical Lead

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