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Phill. Whiteside phillwuk at gmail.com
Mon May 9 15:46:45 UTC 2016


in the interests of openness and following on from prior criticisms I take
this opportunity to announce that following the resignation of Ali as a
release manager for ubuntu-GNOME I have been approved by their head of
development to replace him. As this is a public role, I've asked that I
have that be re-granted them for lubuntu also instead of going through
third parties.

What it will NOT mean is my not testing lubuntu and generally nipping at
the heals of people. We are a part of the same family

There are some interesting things going on that may also tie into lubuntu,
the use of WordPress as main site (we already do that with lubuntu.me) and
a switch from moinmoin to MediaWiki. For designers and thinkers I'm to set
up a multi site mediawiki machine and am in discussions about off site
backups I'd like lubuntu to also look at this option as it gives printable
manual and language support as shown in this site[1]. As LXQt will be 'new'
having a new fresh area will stop the headaches of wiki having to answer
both systems. Ubuntu them selves are discussing a possible move from
moinmoin to MediaWiki.


1. http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Trusty
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