[lubuntu-devel] Abiword issue for Lubuntu Xenial

Henk Terhell hterhell at chello.nl
Sat Mar 26 09:57:17 UTC 2016

Nio, that is right.
I write documents/ letters in Dutch as well as in English. Having US 
keyboard hardware layout I usually install the US English Lubuntu 
version with US dead keys so I can also easily compose characters like 
ëöç needed in Dutch language .
But the ability to switch language in a word processor is essential for 
checking spelling .


Op 2016-03-26 om 09:32 schreef Nio Wiklund:
> Hi Henk and Phill,
> Abiword cannot change language on the fly, but it will use the default 
> language. So when I install Swedish in Lubuntu, it will use Swedish 
> and is useful for me unless I want to write in another language. For 
> example I can type the Swedish letters åäö.
> Best regards
> Nio
> Den 2016-03-26 kl. 08:36, skrev Henk Terhell:
>> Phill,
>> Thanks for the explanation.
>> Under these circumstances, I think that a word processor in which the
>> language cannot be changed is of no value to a major part of Lubuntu
>> users and  this will have an impact on the appreciation of this new LTS
>> version.
>> Henk
>> Op 2016-03-25 om 19:56 schreef Phill. Whiteside:
>>> The bug you see is the bug,
>>> sadly, Abiword is needing a developer (dev) to keep the project alive.
>>> This is a concern to us, but we do not have any spare devs.... If
>>> someone has some experience in such work, I can ask to arrange some
>>> assistance for them - But the people who have quietly offered, cannot
>>> teach a new comer.
>>> Regards,
>>> Phill.
>>> On 25 March 2016 at 18:01, Henk Terhell <hterhell at chello.nl
>>> <mailto:hterhell at chello.nl>> wrote:
>>>     The release notes for Beta 2 imply that bug #1484785 of Abiword
>>>     language selector is not related to Lubuntu. However, I run today
>>>     a live session of Manjaro LXDE 16.03 (released a few days ago) and
>>>     this bug was not present, though the new Manjaro distro is also
>>>     using Openbox 3.6.1 and Abiword 3.0.1. There is an error message
>>>     when checking Abiword version in Lubuntu Xenial, see
>>> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/abiword/+bug/1484785/+attachment/4611451/+files/abiword-version.jpg 
>>>     Maybe this is of some help.
>>>     Henk
>>>     Op 2015-12-18 om 10:54 schreef Henk Terhell:
>>>         Bug # 1484785 reports that another language cannot be
>>>         selected  in abiword because a compatibility problem with
>>>         latest openbox.
>>>         If this is not easily resolved for the lts-release I suggest
>>>         abiword (and gnumeric) be replaced by libreoffice writer/calc
>>>         in the Lubuntu Xenial desktop iso like was earlier decided for
>>>         Xubuntu.
>>>         I guess most people obtain libreoffice anyway after a fresh
>>>         install, whereas fitting the iso on a cd is no longer the
>>>         bottleneck.
>>>         Henk
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