[lubuntu-devel] [Blueprint lubuntu-testcases-xenial] Lubuntu Testcase Revisions for Xenial Xerus

Simon Quigley sqawesome99 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 13 23:32:35 UTC 2016

Blueprint changed by Simon Quigley:

Work items changed:
  Work items:
  =====LXQt testcases needed(get an LXQt instance before continuing, DO THIS FIRST, put testcases inside LXQt folder in the ): INPROGRESS
  lxinput: TODO
  compton-conf: TODO
  lxqt-about: TODO
  lxqt-admin: TODO
  lxqt-common: TODO
  lxqt-config: TODO
  lxqt-notificationd: TODO
  lxqt-panel: TODO
- lxqt-runner: TODO
  obconf-qt: TODO
  PCManFM-qt: TODO
  lxappearance-obconf: TODO
  lxappearance: TODO
  lxmusic: TODO
  lxrandr: TODO
  lxtask: TODO
  qterminal: TODO
  =====Revisions needed: TODO
  Abiword: TODO
  Gnumeric: TODO
  Leafpad: TODO
  LightDM: TODO
  Lubuntu Software Center: TODO
  lxappearance: TODO
  lxpanel: TODO
  lxrandr: TODO
  lxinput: TODO
  lxsessions-edit: TODO
  lxtask: TODO
  lxterminal: TODO
  Pidgin: TODO
  Update Manager: TODO
  xpad: TODO
  blueman: TODO
  Live Session Persistence: TODO
  Synaptic: TODO
  xfburn: TODO
  =====Testcases Needed: TODO
  Guvcview: TODO
  Obconf: TODO

Lubuntu Testcase Revisions for Xenial Xerus

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