[lubuntu-devel] [Bug 1608306] Re: Confusing for users with many websites

Mario Behling mb at mariobehling.de
Fri Aug 5 06:03:04 UTC 2016

The discussion on this issue is out of scope and full of erroneous
information. For this reason, I will have to answer against my usual
behaviour of making a long thread even longer.

* @Rafael: Thank you for the update on your website. Though, I do not
understand why you do not update the links on lubuntu.net. You and
Julien have access for years and you have posted things in the past. I
neither get why you talk of me as "he" in the third person here. I did
not receive an email or chat message from you about problems with
access. We had even emailed about the possibility of getting the design
you made for Wordpress ported to Drupal on lubuntu.net.

* Regarding a discussions about what is official. lubuntu was never an
official project of the company. It was at one point officially
supported by Canonical and they contribute resources. But claims about
being "official" apart from that - I will not get what is the goal. We
set up this project with the wiki at the core and that is where
lubuntu.net points everyone. If you want to change that, with another
site you can do what you want, but I always preferred decentralised
resources, that different people can edit easily.

* About off-list emails and transfer of team ownership: I was not even
aware it is possible to change ownership on Launchpad teams without a
transition process and without informing the team owner. There is a real
problem with this system if that is possible. There seem to be people in
control who do not follow transparent processes and disrespect others in
a way, that would result in sanctions or even expelling in any other
project. Apparently the same people are sending me insulting emails in
offensive language. It is sad to see, what is happening and I will
consider what to do about this, but just because I was quiet so far does
not mean this is right.

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  Confusing for users with many websites

Status in Lubuntu Artwork:
  In Progress

Bug description:
  Hi! I have used Lubuntu for many years and thought the lubuntu.net
  webstte was the official site for lubuntu. I have subscribed to the
  RSS feed to get news, but lately, there have been very few. Recently,
  I discovered the lubuntu.me website. It seems more active and the blog
  is up to date on news. There is no indication on either that they are
  not official, but on the bottom of both, there seems to be information
  pointing towards both being owned by individuals, not by the Lubuntu
  project. This makes it hard to know which is the official site, if
  any. Would it not be less confusing for users to have one website and
  make the other address redirect to it?

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