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Pablo Barrera opendeb at
Sat Apr 12 04:39:43 BST 2008

Hi Ubuntu comm! 

My name is Pablo Barrera, I am from Buenos Aires. I get part of this
community this last two days. I was Fedora Ambassador and General
Manager of General Project of Fedora Argentina, period 2006-2008. In
spite of this change, I am working on the mouting of the first
Telecenter of Knowledge access with Edubuntu in the downtowns of Buenos
Aires.The inauguratin will be in May, with local Goverment

Heres some snapshot of the day when the machines where installed on the

I will work on this project and its replication this year, to replicate
this kind of places in the southside of the downtowns of Buenos Aires. 

Well this is all about my activities with Ubuntu.As Fedora Ambassador i
made a test last year, promoting the use of linux on school, GOING to
that places to offer speechs for child and masters. The results were
good and I made a post about this in the brainstorm site.

Even, Its just and idea, but tested with good results. I think that if
from loco teams and all comm, we can work to promote Ubuntu in a more
"proactive" way, we will get new people, new users, and we will "move
freedom" on places, where nobody stills know about Ubuntu. 

Well, thats all for today, my gtalk/jabber  is opendeb at

Send you my greetings from Buenos Aires
Pablo Barrera (OpenDeb)
Fingerprint : 0C3E C9E1 78E7 3105 60E6  8339 1D57 06E4 57F7 BA88

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