[loco-contacts] Hour of Code sessions sponsored by Ubuntu Locos next week?

Neal McBurnett neal at bcn.boulder.co.us
Fri Dec 5 14:15:08 UTC 2014

Is anyone in the local Ubuntu and free software community planning to sponsor any Hour of Code events?

The event has gotten enormous in just one year - they are shooting to reach 100 million students this year, worldwide.  That will take help from everyone who can spare it.  Apple put it on their home page, and is offering sessions in all their stores.  Google and Facebook have promoted it along with a slew of others.

This seems like a great opportunity for open source / free software folks to connect with our future developers and supporters, to say nothing of helping teach kids fundamental lessons about logic, algorithms and how technology works.  Computer science is a key to success in the world these days.

First learn about it here:

 Join the largest learning event in history, Dec 8-14, 2014

There are a bunch of schools offering sessions for their own students, but there seem to be far fewer events for e.g. high school students whose schools aren't participating, or who looking to go further via an "out of class" session, I only see one event in all of Colorado (Rangeview High School, 17599 East Iliff Aurora).  So if we offer some, I bet kids would come.

There is a wide variety of lessons available on a variety of computer languages for speakers of a variety of languages.  They're promoting the lessons with via languages like Squeak that are graphical so there aren't confusing syntax issues, and Javascript since it is available in essentially every device on the Internet.  Kids can use tablets and phones as well as computers, or even do fun lessons without computers at all.

There are lots more ways for us to get involved here:

 How to help | Code.org

Are locos out there doing this?

Any suggestions for the rest of us?

Any handouts with an Ubuntu or open-source theme?


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