Could the domain be used in any way by the Spanish LoCo?

GatoLoko gatoloko at
Wed Oct 2 17:50:57 UTC 2013

As suggested, I'm sending this message again, adding the RT en ubuntu 
address to make them aware of it. My apologies to those of you who 
receive it a second time.

Canonical has registered the domain, and it's just a
redirection to

Ubuntu Spain (http://ubuntu-españ would like to have that domain
for these reasons
   - It'd be the perfect domain for out LoCo team and country, since
     the one following the naming guidelines is in use by the
     international Spanish speaking community.
   - Canonical is not using it.
   - It will give us a great SEO position in our country.
   - It'd be a domain independent from persons or groups.
   - Short and easy domain.
   - It doesn't have special characters (as our current ñ). In some
     webs like identica we have to use

Could this domain be used in any way by the Spanish LoCo? Just to be 
clear, we aren't asking for ownership over the domain, just, if at all 
possible, to be allowed to use it. A simple redirection would be more 
than enough for us.

Thanks a lot and best regards!
Ubuntu Spain.

Raúl Soriano (GatoLoko), SpainTeam Local Community Contact.
http://www.ubuntu-españ  -

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