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Excellent idea. There are small independent computer builders and
sellers in our markets that may be open to our LOCO helping them to test
their products with Ubuntu. We could also provide training to new
purchasers of Ubuntu systems.
Thanks for sharing the information.

On 03/21/2013 02:44 PM, Randall Ross wrote:
> Hi friendly teams,
> Tadeá? (in Prague) has brought a community testing program to my
attention and has asked that I help share it with the world. His message
> I think this is an awesome example of the community stepping up to get
Ubuntu running on more and more systems. I would appreciate it if you
forward to your respective teams to see if there are other parts of the
world where we can adopt a similar community-driven model.
> Thanks and keep up the great work out there! Take Ubuntu everywhere!
> Cheers,
> Randall.
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> Subject:     Ubuntu computer tests/collaboration with producers
> From:     Tadeá? Pa?ík <pariktadeas at>
> Hello Randall and team,
> first of all, thanks for join me to your LP team!
> I would like to inform you about a new activity in the Czech republic
in Europe. Several weeks ago we have contacted some PC producers to test
their products with GNU/Linux, especially with Ubuntu.
> ASUS has confirmed this collaboration and we are able to test all
their products with Ubuntu - they have many computers to be sold without
OS and we can test them. Currently we are testing only computers without
OS, computers with WIN are not tested. After successful tests we inform
about it on our Czech Ubuntu blog (e.g. this is the second article from
the last week in Czech -
> Try to thing if this is possible also in your regions and countries
around the world.
> In the Czech republic we have (Vojt?ch Trefný and me) a special
non-profit "Civic society for Ubuntu", this is really good - you are
able to communicate very officially and it is a part of normal/standard
LoCo team.

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