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Mon Apr 15 00:47:51 UTC 2013

On Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 10:47 PM, Bhavani Shankar R <bhavi at> wrote:
> Dear All,
> We on the LoCo Council are being faced with the challenge of replacing
> two of our current Council members. A special thanks to Christophe and
> Efrain for all of the great contributions they have made while serving
> with us on the LoCo Council.
> So with that in mind, we are writing this e-mail to ask for volunteers
> to step forward and nominate themselves or another contributor for the
> two open positions. The LoCo Council is defined on our wiki page.
>     Wiki:
>     Team Agenda:
> Typically, we meet up once a month in IRC to go through items on the
> team agenda. This involves approving new LoCo Teams, Re-approval of
> Approved LoCo Teams, resolving issues within Teams, approving LoCo
> Team mailing list requests, and anything else that comes along.
> We have the following requirements for Nominees:
>     Be an Ubuntu member
>     Be available during typical meeting times of the council
>     Insight into the culture(s) and typical activities within teams is a plus
> Here is a description of the current LoCo Council:
> They are current Ubuntu Members with a proven track record of activity
> in the community. They have shown themselves over time to be able to
> work well with others, and display the positive aspects of the Ubuntu
> Code of Conduct. They should be people who can judge contribution
> quality without emotion while engaging in an interview/discussion that
> communicates interest, a welcoming atmosphere, and which is marked by
> humanity, gentleness, and kindness.
> If this sounds like you, or a person you know, please e-mail the LoCo
> Council with your nomination(s) using the following e-mail address:
> loco-council<at>
> Please include a few lines about yourself, or whom you’re nominating,
> so we can get a good idea of why you/they’d like to join the council,
> and why you feel that you/they should be considered. If you plan on
> nominating another person, please let them know, so they are aware.
> We welcome nominations from anywhere in the world, and from any LoCo
> team. Nominees do not need to be a LoCo Team Contact to be nominated
> for this post. We are however looking for people who are active in
> their LoCo Team.
> The time frame for this process is as follows:
> Nominations will open: April 5th, 2013.
> Nominations will close: April 19th, 2013.
> We will then forward the nominations to the CC, Requesting they take
> the following week to make their selections (hopefully by their
> meeting on April 25th,2013).
> Date new council members will be announced: April 26th 2013.
> On behalf of the Loco council,

A gentle remainder!


Bhavani Shankar
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