Remove / Close Swiss Forum at

Lucas Betschart lucasbetschart at
Thu Oct 25 07:05:50 UTC 2012

> It is not a stupid rule its there so Planet doesn't get overwhelmed with
> content that may not be on topic. at 25. October 06:47 UTC:

>Traditionally Planet's in every open
> source project are windows into the lives of contributors on a individual
> basis not necessarily for groups or teams.

All we want is the same opportunity as you and others have too, but we
don't have an Ubuntu Member in Switzerland who is also taking part in
our activities.

But ok, we will leave it this way.

> Like Elizabeth said the most proper way to get content included is to submit
> it to UWN for inclusion in the weekly newsletter also once your an approved
> LoCo you can have your content added to the LoCo Portal's blog feed.

We are an approved LoCo. I will do so.



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