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Lucas Betschart lucasbetschart at
Wed Oct 24 20:41:25 UTC 2012

> If all the LoCos had their blog feeds going to the Ubuntu Planet I
> think it would be quite a busy mess and would drown out the regular
> Ubuntu Member blogs we have there. Some non-LoCo projects are on here,
> but they are all sponsored by Ubuntu members, this is a requirement.

So I have to find a member that links our news there and then its allowed..
IMHO that's a stupid rule, but ok.

> But I would encourage that you send news from your team to the
> ubuntu-news-team at mailing list so it can be included
> in the LoCo section of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter.

Ok, I will keep that in mind.

>> It would be cool if you add our blog at I've set up
> This page is the appropriate place for the feed :) The
> front page of is like planet for LoCos.
> Since you're an approved team the LoCo Council can take care of this
> for you, if they haven't already.

ATM seems to be down, so I can't check.
The idea of is cool, but I don't read this planet
often because there are to many posts in other languages then English
there. No hablo español ;)



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