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Laura Czajkowski laura.czajkowski at
Thu Mar 8 15:18:32 UTC 2012

 From today, Launchpad has native support for blueprint work items.
This means that, rather than tracking work items in a blueprint's 
whiteboard, you can use a dedicated work items box.

Work items still work the same that you're used to, except that soon 
we'll be adding tools to make use of work item data right from within 

*What happens to existing blueprints that have work items*

Tomorrow, we'll take existing work items from blueprints' whiteboards 
and convert them into native work items. If a blueprint's work items 
don't follow the exact work item methods, they might not convert.

If you have a blueprint that was registered in the past six months, and 
it didn't convert, we'll email you to let you know. If you have older 
blueprints that still interest you, please check them.

We'll announce work items on the Launchpad blog [0] once they're fully 
released. In the mean time, please do let us know how you get on. We'd 
love to hear from you in #launchpad on Freenode or by email to
feedback at <mailto:feedback at>.  Please pass 
this onto your locoteams who may use blueprints for their activities.



Laura Czajkowski
Launchpad Support Specialist

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