Community site downtime announcement

Chris Jones chris.jones at
Fri Aug 10 20:06:22 UTC 2012


Canonical is in the process of moving out of one data centre and into
a new one.

Unfortunately this will require downtime for some of the Ubuntu
community services hosted in the old data centre.

The downtime window will start at 07:00 UTC on Saturday 18th August
2012 and last up to 12 hours (i.e. until 19:00 UTC) but we will do our
best to minimise the actual downtime.

The services are:
LoCo DNS updates *only* (DNS resolution will still work)

Other Ubuntu services (such as the package archive and CD images
servers, Ubuntu SSO, Ubuntu One etc.) will *NOT* be affected.

Please accept our apologies for the interruption to these services and
the short notice of the interruption. Unfortunately due to
circumstances outside of our control we a) have a very short window in
which to do the move and b) have been unable to finalise the timing
until very recently.

If you have any questions or if this downtime window is likely to
cause severe issues for your project/users, please contact me.


Chris Jones
  cmsj at

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