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On Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 10:59 AM,  <laura at lczajkowski.com> wrote:
> During the Oneiric cycle the Ubuntu LoCo Council reviewed many teams and
> dealt with team issues, this post is to explain what the council has done
> during this cycle and to let people know how they can approach us if needs
> be.
> Firstly we had a large re approval of teams this cycle  this was down to the
> re approval process that was introduced three cycles ago and has proved to
> help teams keep up to date and let everyone know how things are progressing.
> So for the Natty cycle we looked at the following 26 LoCo Teams which were
> up for re approval having been approved for 2 or more years:
> The following teams were selected for the Oneiric cycle for re approval:
> Thai Loco Team
> Ubuntu Venezuela Team
> Ubuntu DK
> Ubuntu UK
> Ubuntu Team Philippines
> Pennsylvania – US LoCo Team
> Ubuntu-Michigan
> Ubuntu Maryland LoCo Team
> Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team
> Ubuntu Japanese Team
> Ubuntu Ireland
> Ubuntu El Salvador Team
> Ubuntu Swiss Team
> Ubuntu Portugal
> Ubuntu Polish LoCo Team
> Ubuntu Perú
> Ubuntu Norge
> Ubuntu Croatian Advocates
> Thai Loco Team
> Ubuntu Tamil Team
> Ubuntu Israel
> Arizona LoCo Team
> Ubuntu New York State
> Ubuntu California
> Georgia LoCo
> Ubuntu Brazilian Users
> Argentina LoCo
> Ubuntu China LoCo Team
> To simplify things we create a bug in launchpad for each team that is due
> for renewal. The text from this wiki page
> http://loco.ubuntu.com/loco-council/approved s sent to their team contact
> and we use the bug to keep track of progress throughout the cycle. We ensure
> all communication is posted to the bug report, and send reminders & comments
> via the bug. Finally we vote on the approval and then make the bug public
> after the process is finished.
> This process has worked out very well for teams who are not able to take
> part in the IRC meeting but do want a more interactive review. We also still
> have a monthly IRC meetings which gives teams the flexibility to talk to us
> directly or use the bug tracker to manage the approval process. We have
> found this makes our team more accessible to LoCos around the world.
> There was some initial reluctance to use the bug tracker to manage
> approvals, but it was quickly accepted once we explained it's needed for us
> as a council to be productive to keep things on track and not let the ball
> drop on our action items. A by-product of this is it's a great way for teams
> to communicate with the council and document information when needed in the
> bugs.
> We keep the bugs private initially so they don't end up being spammed with
> inappropriate comments and we use them to remind one another to vote or
> attend to items.  They have worked well now in the last cycle and we will
> continue to use them again in the future as we do feel they have served the
> council well and helped up keep up to date with teams.
> 8 Expired          ( 30% Total )
                       ^^^^^^^^^ This number is far too high. Please
get your re-apps in!

> 18 Processed     ( 69% Total )
> Unapproved: 2   ( 11% Processed )
> Approved:   16  ( 88% Processed )
> Total Unapproved: 10 ( 38% Total )
> Total Approved:   16 ( 61% Total )
> 26 LoCo Teams were processed
> During this cycle we were called (by IRC or email) upon by some loco team
> members to help in mediation or give advice to them to help their team. We
> often invite them into our IRC channel which while it is private as we can
> be dealing with people from teams in there at a given time is open to anyone
> who wants to talk to us all you have to do is ask to join to discuss
> something. We had to make it private as we had people popping in during
> sensitive discussions and having this channel has helped us help teams. It
> is also where many of us idle or log sessions so we can review the
> conversation and give advice.
> We can invite multiple people in here and help resolve issues or bounce
> ideas and solutions off one another in a real time environment. We follow
> this up by joining their IRC Channels in some cases, in order to be there
> for them whenever needed idling so they can ask questions but also so we
> could see for ourselves how things flow as every team is so different.
> We get weekly if not fortnightly requests for help with changing of
> ownership of a team mailing list, ownership, website and domain issues and
> lot regarding RT tickets, here we help where possible, logging the issues
> for teams on launchpad, or asking for IS help in resolving the issues.
> We've also worked closely with the LoCo Directory Dev team and helped
> reporting bugs to make the Loco Directory more user friendly.  We idle on
> IRC in #ubuntu-locoteams and we even had our own factoid created if people
> used it it pings the team but also tell the user how to contact us.
>  !lococouncil lococouncil is The Loco Council is itnet7, czajkowski,
> paultag, huats, leogg, popey - they are there to help, just ask! :) You can
> send them an email at  loco-council at lists.ubuntu.com
> I am sure the Precise cycle will be just as interesting for the council
> working with loco teams and look forward to hearing from the ubuntu
> community.
> Laura Czajkowski on behalf of the Ubuntu LoCo Council
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