[RFC] LEP#1, Standardize the LoCo Team Display Names

Mark Cox markthecarp at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 01:25:17 UTC 2011

On 06/29/2011 09:01 PM, Paul Tagliamonte wrote:
>> First let me say that I fully support the development of a respectful
>> and logically consistent way to name LoCo teams. I am positive that as a
>> group we can arrive at such a solution. Given that I do see some issues
>> with the current suggestion put forth in the original email.
> Awesome. That's why it's an RFC and not a policy :)
>> I would recommend including the use of the word 'state' for US States
>> because this will help avoid conflicts such as:
> Howabout we add a clause allowing state in the case of conflict?
>> New York (the City) vs. New York (the state)
>> Washington (the City) and Washington (the state)
>> Kansas (the city) and (Kansas (the state)
>> Iowa (the City) and Iowa (the state)
> I agree totally.
> [snip]
>> ---- suggestion ----
>> Allow the loco team to choose the name of their 'region'; which allows
>> for New York State, Washington State, etc.
> That's fine, so long as it's consistent across the cases you mentioned
>> ---- clarification requested ----
>> Will previously grandfathered city locos be disbanded? (Chicago, Dallas,
>> Vancouver)
> All the teams you've mentioned are really bad examples, because
> they're all so fscking() awesome.
> We'll have to figure it out. For now, I'd say this is an edge-case
> that can be resolved over time. I know Texas has some state-identity
> issues, so we'll work through that as it comes up.
>> Thanks,
>> Charles
> For now, let's get a sane and consistent policy that works in 95% of
> cases, and we'll work on the last 5% in a way that's sane later on.
> Love you all dearly, let's keep this great discussion up!
> -Paul
Perhaps for the USA teams use the two letter state abbreviation instead 
of spelling out the name of the state. For example; ubuntu-us-ny for the 
state and ubuntu-us-nyc for the city. I believe this is the naming 
convention being used for IRC channels.


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