[RFC] LEP#2, Local Community Teams vs. Locale Teams

Rubén Romero y Cordero huayra at ubuntu.com
Wed Jul 27 13:24:28 UTC 2011

2011/7/19 Leandro Gómez <leo.telsen at gmail.com>:
> On Tue, Jul 19, 2011 at 8:29 AM, Chris Johnston <chrisjohnston at ubuntu.com>
> wrote:
>> 2011/7/19 Leandro Gómez <leo.telsen at gmail.com>:
>> I
>> can't see why that isn't utilized by the entire Spanish community
>> across the planet. Maybe whoever runs the Spanish resources should
>> reach out to the other Spanish speaking teams and offer to
>> collaborate, I don't know.
> It doesn't work that way.
> The UOW in Spanish is a great example; the first edition was organised by
> the six Central American teams. Eventually, the project grew and we created
> the Ubuntu-es Classroom team in order to organise the UOW, UUD and similar
> events.
> The thing is that we didn't create a new structure in first place. We did it
> when we felt there was a need for it, not before.

Indeed. I was for a long time advocating for cross-polinization and
cooperation work for all Spanish speaking LoCo teams within the
Launchpad Framework. We had meetings with most Spanish speaking LoCo
contacts and key community members across the globe and even if we
understood and tried to get our communities to work together. It
didn't. Members always default to their Local team (be it language
based or national) or regional conglomerates in their continent (i.e.
Central-America, the Nordics).

As Leandro points out: Successful local projects are growing
organically. This is happening within communities with commitment,
vision, good leadership and that are meeting a need their local
communities have.

Our communities are not growing. The traction we had the first years
is gone. The Ubuntu Community needs to get that great spirit back or
see itself fall apart. I am very sorry to say this but it is time to
face it!

This whole thread is about putting everyone within the LoCo Directory
framework and create a dashboard for the LoCo council, the way I see
it. The last thing we need is a LoCo Council who tries to streamline
us and oblige us to do this and that. WE are not a corporation, WE are
a community. The solution is NOT the LoCo directory (too little, too
late). That is not great vision and leadership! This seems to be done
in order to satisfy a need of a minimal group in the community, and
not the community as a whole. AND it is not solving any problem. This
seems very bureaucratic to me and with the scarce resources we have,
the last thing we need is senseless and endless discussions which are
not addressing a problem the community has.

Probably I should open another thread on this subject, but I won't. I
am getting tired of all this talk and little action. Before I had a
lot of fun with the Ubuntu community. The last time I did is now a
while ago.

Am I exaggerating? I think not. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Rubén Romero

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